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Whether it is from the selection of raw materials, the manufacturing of molecular sieves and the fine control of the synthesis process, or from the synthesis and manufacturing of filter elements to the perfect integration of liquid tube drying filters, we always adhere to the principle of high quality and excellent performance. promise. As your supplier, we will work tirelessly to provide you with unparalleled products and services. You can rely on us knowing we are committed to providing our customers with reliable, efficient and high-quality solutions.
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Jiangsu Deska Molecular Sieve Filter Dryer Co., Lt
Jiangsu Deska Molecular Sieve Filter Dryer Co., Lt

       The company is a high-tech enterprise established by the doctoral team of Nanjing University's "Thousand Talents Plan". The company's products in the field of molecular sieves are: spherical particle molecular sieves, solid molecular sieve drying filter elements and gas and liquid drying filter series products. The company has established a molecular sieve and catalyst research center at Nanjing University to synchronize its technology and products with the world's cutting-edge technologies. Scientists are also constantly challenging new technologies, and products will be continuously iteratively updated to serve customers. At present, the molecular sieve factory has the annual production capacity of 10,000 tons of molecular sieves. The filter dryer factory for liquid pipelines has realized the selection of new materials, production of granular molecular sieves, solid filter elements, and filter dryer manufacturing and delivery, serving the global market. Products are produced and tested in accordance with American standards, and the core technology has completely independent intellectual property rights. The filter dryers produced by the company for liquid pipelines have low flow resistance and strong adsorption capacity. The molecular sieve and filter core are effectively compatible with the components in each refrigeration system, providing a clean pipeline environment for the refrigeration system.

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Emphasis on technology research and development and design, cooperation on projects at home and abroad, committed to the pursuit of quality, people-oriented, and creating value for customers
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    The company was founded in 2005, with nearly 20 years of rich experience
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    Technical marketing team

    People-oriented, focusing on team training and collaboration
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    University cooperative enterprises

    Cooperate with many universities to conduct product research and development, focusing on product quality and performance
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    cutting edge equipment

    Intelligent manufacturing development, adopting new automation equipment
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    Personalized customized services

    Customize one-stop, personalized refrigeration solutions for global users
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    Domestic outlets and global agents

    Professional pre-sales and after-sales services, foreign agents all over the world
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